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fine art fart joke at the VMFA ? !

December 19, 2011

fine art fart joke at the VMFA ? !

This bronze figure is at the main entrance to our museum. I laugh every time I see it because I think its a fart joke. I don’t see any context for her to be lifting one butt cheek. And she’s turning her head to sniff her fart ! If you ask about this piece , they’ll tell you its “whimsical”. The artist that made this sculpture is dead. I don’t know if he would agree, but I’m sure he was aware it looks like a fart pose. I think I’m the only one that “gets it”. Now you see it too. 🙂


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  1. Definitely a fart joke….! I think there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t laugh at a fart joke and this is a good one!

  2. Wonder if the statue is pulling one of its fingers. Would really confirm the visuals.

  3. bottomlypotts permalink

    She might be like my dog who hears himself fart, then turns around in surprise to check where the noise/ smell came from…..apologies to the sculptor if not.

  4. Every fart I’ve experienced (either my own or from someone else) could at the least be called “whimsical”–EVERY one. That’s the reason, I feel, there are so many fart jokes, “Captain WHO??” 🙂

    Thanks for thee “like.” Much appreciated. I’ll be following you now.

    • Yeah, farts are whimsical and musical. And 3/4 of the word is art. So is that why art stinks? hahahaha Except my art, of course, which smells good 😉
      Thanks for following the sisterhood. I enjoyed reading your blog too.

      • All of art created by the individual is good for the individual and every fart smells good to She (or He) who dealt it.

  5. Dear readers, I wondered why people are looking at these old posts. Are you all hooking up to the real sisterhoodofthemuse blog? I’ve been posting every week for years and here it looks like only a few posts. Please check out without the 2. All my art and words are on plain ol’
    This is why I h8 computers.
    Thanks and sorry about that.

    • There are only three posts visible on the Home Page. This one and two on “Painting at the Rapids.” I didn’t notice the dates posted. I generally don’t look for the post date if the article is at or near the top of the page.

      • If you have a more recent blog with more posts, I wonder why the notification in of your “like” in my blog redirected me to this one?

      • I don’t know but I’ve been working hard on the regular sisterhoodofthemuse blog and only just figured out that people were getting directed to this empty page. Talk about frustrated! I think I’ll go outside and destroy my computer. hahahahha. Yeah, I’ll throw a temper tantrum. No one will even notice my tantrum. I might as well give up.

  6. I don’t know. Maybe someone from Support can help.

  7. Cut and paste the URL for the other blog in a reply here and I will go there and follow that one instead.

    • Thanks, I don’t know. Maybe my daughter will help me with it. But it might be easier for me to start another blog. One with my name on it. How does “chris ludke plein air ” sound ?

      It was so nice to get out and paint in the cold sunshine today! I feel much better.

  8. smittyrooks permalink

    That sense of humor, blew me away~ Woo, puns XD

  9. Definitely a fart joke! What else could it be!? 😉

  10. You are in Richmond? That is where we are. 🙂 Glad to find you, and thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.

    • hi doriandean! Yeah! Richmond! I found another blog here! Rock on!

      • Awesome! Great to meet you virtually. 🙂 Funny blog as well.

      • Same here! Are you seeing the right blog? The page my likes get directed to is sisterhood2 and I post on plain old sisterhoodofthemuse without the 2. I don’t know how to fix it. Also I tried to start another one called thepleinairexperience, but I haven’t done much on it yet.

      • I do not think that I am. What is the right link? I will add you to my reader, but I think I have your old one for some reason. That is what came up when you liked my blog entry. That is really odd.

      • Yeah, I don’t know why. I’m doing with a friend and my likes bring people to this page, sisterhoodofthemuse2 that I put a few posts on by mistake. weird, but that’s my luck with computers.

      • Don’t worry, mine too. I will add you to my list. 🙂

      • ok thanks! ttyl

      • I just checked, and your more modern blog, the one that you guys are working on, is coming up as sisterhoodofthemuse without the 2. The 2 is coming up as the older one from up to 2012, and the one without the 2 seems to be the new one. I hope that makes sense. I added your current one to my reader. 🙂 I just wanted for you to know!

      • Or maybe that is what you were saying? I am a bit confused, but I think that I have the right one now in any case.

      • Yeah, that one with the 2 was a mistake that I posted on a few times. Then I saw years later my likes are directed to the one with the 2 and was disappointed. I tried to get help from the forum but got nowhere. oh well, it’s just a blog, right? Glad you got the one with everything.

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