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painting at the rapids /1st layer of glazes on rocks and water

September 11, 2012

Another art tip from YAA.

Mix enough paint with a pallet knife at home before you go out. Try to get close to what you need outdoors for value and colors. Mix in the gel medium to stretch the paint and make it more transparen for glazing


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  1. Hi YAA I guess you’re using acrylics? I should paint more directly outside …new year resolution….I love the rocks.

    • Hi Anne, Did you go to YAA too? I’m using oil. I love painting outside!! It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself! Happy New Year!! đŸ™‚

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  4. weird thing about myself and technology. It beats me. If you’re looking at this page you might only see 3 posts. All of it is showing up on without the 2 after sisterhoodofthemuse. Here I been working on this for years and maybe people aren’t seeing it. Oh well, it’s just a blog, right?

  5. Very nice! I would like to learn to paint. Your tips will be used for future notes. Thanks

    • thanks Mark, I post a lot of art tips on my real blog without the 2. It’s a fluke that my likes go out as sisterhoodofthemuse2 and people are directed back to this .page where I only posted a few pix by mistake. I hope you do take up painting. anyone can do it! And it’s fun. And for me painting is good free therapy

  6. Nice capture of ground greenYgrey: it’s always nice to get your greenYgreys in on the ground, leaving the sky for blueness!

  7. ElleKappa permalink

    Ooo nice!

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